Get Bright with Mrs. White
Kristin W


   I am so glad to welcome you back to school at Schickler. This will be a tremendous learning year for your child!

  Fourth grade students will spend time learning to read fluently in class and reading for meaning.  We start out with reading goals at the beginning of the year and build on phonics lessons, vocabulary and comprehension to gain reading skills. Students will set simple, targeted reading goals and progress as they gain in reading success. At the beginning of the year, students are asked to read 20 minutes at home in addition to the time that they spend reading at school. We will steadily increase our reading stamina as the year progresses.

  I am counting on parent support with reading time at home since students are expected to be able to read for 60 minutes by the end of fourth grade. Every year, some students will increase their reading fluency and comprehension by 4 to 8 reading levels by the end of the year. It is important that students approach reading with a learner's attitude. It sounds like a lot, but I try to make it FUN and EASY for students in my class to gain the confidence and skills to achieve.  Reading is the key to future success!  Now is the time to build a good learning foundation. 

  You may expect small homework assignment 4 nights a week if students are unable to complete them during class. I ask students to turn in their weekly reading logs so that we may keep track of our reading progress. Reading logs are due every Monday. Reading practice is very important for reaching student success!

There are many activities going on at Schickler at this time.  Here are some of the important event dates coming up:

End of Tri 1            Nov. 24

If your child is ill and cannot attend school on a given day, please notify the office by phone or email in the morning about that absence. Also, if there is a change in transportation at the end of the day, please notify the office before 2:30 so that they can communicate changes to me during the school day.

Please e-mail me if you are accessing this web page so that I may keep a record of parent interest and comments for improvement.  You may contact me anytime at the following email address:

I am looking forward to a spectacular school year!

Mrs. Kristin White
Fourth Grade Teacher
Schickler Elementary
(810) 667-2440