In fourth grade, we have implemented a readers and writers workshop.  During reading workshop, students receive direct instruction in the form of a mini-lesson, followed by independent reading timed focused on a task.  During this independent reading time, students may read to someone, write about reading, work on vocabulary or conference with an instructor.

I have taught readers workshop as part of the curriculum for years. I have had tremendous success with student achievement.  Students have the opportunity to ask questions, advance learning and receive individual attention with their reading progress.  Students enjoy the classroom library by shopping weekly for books at their "just right" reading level. I have a wide variety of books available for your child to choose from for their book bins. I encourage parents to read with their child at home daily.  Also, I send home weekly reading logs to help you record your child's reading progress.

Keep track of all the books and authors that you enjoy trying out!

Reading success leads to future success!!  We LOVE reading!!