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Mrs.White's Class Rules
1. Follow directions
2. Walk, don't run
3. Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself.
4. Stay on your seat
5. Raise your hand
6. Be kind to others

Students maintain a behavior chart to show that they are meeting classroom expectations for the 3 R's: being respectful, responsible and ready to learn.  Students will begin each day on the color green.  If they receive a warning, they will flip their color to yellow with no penalty.  If they continue to cause disruption, they will need to flip their card to red.  They will need to remain inside for 5 minutes of recess to speak with their teacher.  If a student continues to break classroom rules, then they will move their behavior card to blue.  They "blew it."  They will need to call home to speak with their parent AND they will owe their teacher 5 days of recess time. Parents can expect notification from me if their child ever flips their card to blue in my class.  It rarely happens, but when it does, it is well deserved. I appreciate parent support in helping your child become the best learner that they can be and developing a learner's attitude in school. Raising a child is a TEAM effort and I will support parents in helping their child grow to become a responsible citizen.