Early Fives In the Hive
Welcome to Early Fives in the Hive!  We are going to be "buzzing" into a great year of learning.

Early Fives is an important year in developing early reading, math, and social skills.  We will learning through many hands-on activities and projects.

In reading our focus will be learning all letter names and sounds. 
We will be using an fun and exciting alphabet learning program called Zoophonics.  Zoophonics centers around connecting each letter's name and sound to movement and an animal.  We also will be making great projects including puppets, an alphabet book, and many more surprises! In addition, we will be learning pre-reading skills. Our focus will be on tracking words as we read and retelling.

Reading will be connected to writing.  We will be learning how to write our names (first and last) and all of the letters.  I am a firm believer in using a variety of activities which use the sense of touch while learning to write.  We also will be learning about the ways writers share their stories.  We will begin with drawings, label our drawings and finally writing a sort sentence or two.

Math is all about counting and shapes.  We will learn about patterns--making and identifying.  Calendar time will be a big part of our Math Hive time.  Calendar will not only help us learn counting and patterns but will focus on days of the week and months of the year.

Music, movement and fun will be the focus of learning! 

I'm ready to "buzz" into learning!

Ms. Mason