Miss Van Tine's 4th Grade Webpage
              Welcome to our 4th grade family! 

     We are a diverse group of students who share in the learning experience. 
         In this class, we respect our differences and celebrate that which
                   makes us unique.  All together, we are a perfect fit!

Using this webpage:
Please be sure to visit the Calendar section of this webpage for dates of upcoming tests, long term assignments, field trips, and other important school or class events.  Visit the Photo Gallery for fun class pictures.  Visit the Useful Links section for educational tools such as
newsletters, notes to parents from the school or district,
study guides, book report or project instructions, etc.  You can use the Contact Me section to leave your name, email address and a question or comment.  Please be sure to include your child's name when leaving a comment or question.

Daily Schedule:                                        
Specials Schedule:
7:45 Breakfast in the Cafeteria                               Tuesday 10:45-11:30 Technology
8:04 School Day Begins                                         Tuesday 1:25-2:10 Gym (don't forget tennis shoes)
11:45-12:05 Lunch                                                  Wednesday 10:30-11:00 LIbrary
12:05-12:35 Recess                                               Thursday 9:50-10:35 Art
3:00 School Day Ends                                            Friday 10:50-11:35 Spanish

Homework Policy:
Daily Homework - work not completed in the school day will be homework due the           
                            following day
Long Term Assignments - book reports or projects will need to be completed mainly at
                            home and turned in by a set date

Daily Reading Logs - students need to read for a minimum of 20 minutes a night 5 days a week and
                        record this on a monthly reading log


 Indigo Bunting                            Miss Van Tine
                                 667-2440 ext 4229